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Ideas to Say "THANK YOU" to your Wedding Party.

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Magazine

All of your wedding guests are near and dear to your heart, but the people you chose to include in your bridal party definitely deserve special treatment on the big day. After all, they've gone the extra mile for you and your fiancé (in life and in preparation for your nuptials!), so it's important that you go above and beyond when showing your appreciation for them. Although they were more than happy to help you on your journey down the aisle, your bridal party likely lent more than just a helping hand during your wedding preparations. More often than not, wedding parties typically shell out out extra cash while assisting and celebrating. Money aside, they love you beyond words and have been there for you through every planning crisis. So, why not thank them with a heartfelt gift?

After years of friendship, no one knows your tight-knit group quite like you do. With that in mind, consider gifts that really speak to each person's personality. Commonly, brides and grooms opt to gift wedding-day accessories like jewelry or ties, but don't limit yourself to big-day accessories alone. Take these custom embroidered hoops from Katiedid & Co., for example. Each one was thoughtfully monogrammed with the names of this bride's wedding party. Although the hoops didn't get much use during the wedding itself, each bridesmaid was able to display her present after the big day.

Looking for even more wedding party gift inspiration? Luckily, we gathered our favorite ideas from several seriously creative couples. Robes, perfumes, and ties all made the list, along with more inspired ideas that played into the styles and themes of each wedding (and each bridal party member!). No matter who you are, what you're looking for, or what budget you're working with, we're certain something will spark your interest.

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