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7 Tips The Wedding Hair And Makeup Pros Want You To Know

When it comes to looking and feeling your best on your wedding day, knowledge is power. Here we've gathered the best tips and advice from the industry's bridal hair and makeup pros. So now you know better, you'll look better.

Book your hair and makeup team early

"Approach booking a professional makeup artist like you would other wedding suppliers. Some makeup artists may be booked a year in advance so I recommend securing them early to avoid disappointment. Having makeup professionally done on your wedding day provides a guarantee that it will last all day. It’s also a special treat and a nice relaxing moment for you before the day begins," Sylwia Kunysz, makeup artist.

Be clear on hair and makeup timings so you don't have to stress

“We always provide our Brides with a planner outlining the timings and order of when the bride and her bridal party are getting their hair and makeup done, so we know everyone will be ready to leave at the designated time. If we are not working with one of our resident makeup artists, we will liaise with the chosen artist to ensure they work to the same schedule and we slot in together,” Summer Langton, Hair Stylist at Michael Van Clarke.


Avoid a fresh trim before your wedding day

“Do not have your hair cut in the 4 weeks before your wedding. The blunt ends of freshly cut hair make styling difficult, particularly if you are going for a soft textured look, and makes hair more likely to slip out of style throughout the day,” Laura Hulbert, Head Hairstylist at In Parlour London.

Invest in skincare

“Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin – don’t underestimate the power of the correct skincare routine. I recommend seeing a professional beautician who can provide advice on what could benefit your skin before your wedding day. No matter what the issue, if addressed a few months in advance, the problem can be solved or minimized. Foundation will look much better and will last longer on properly hydrated, exfoliated and well-nourished skin,” Sylwia Kunysz, makeup artist.

Book your spray tan two days before the big day

“If you are having a professional spray tan for your wedding day, the skin looks best on day two. I would never suggest tanning the night before, as the guide colour of tanning products can remain on the skin until after the second or third shower. Giving the skin an extra day to settle in ensures no marks on your dress and a far more natural colour,” Amanda Harrington, Makeup Artist and Founder at In Parlour London.

Consider lash extensions

“As a makeup artist, I love mascaras and fake eyelashes for special events, but for your wedding day I would suggest eyelash extensions. They can be as natural or as glamourous as you would like. Not only are they going to last for your honeymoon, but you don’t have to worry about smudging or reapplying mascara if you get teary eyed on the day. Have an appointment five days prior to ensure you get used to the feeling,” Katrin Rees, Creative Lead at In Parlour Bridal.

Get ready separately

"If possible, I recommend having two rooms for hair and makeup in the morning. One for the bride and mother of the bride or maid of honour, and one for the other bridesmaids. Set a time where you can all be excited and have a glass of bubbles but then be able to close the door so that you can have some quiet time to yourself and be in the moment with your mum or best friend," Summer Langton, Hair Stylist at Michael Van Clarke.

Save your energy

“An essential part of bridal beauty is your feelings and attitude. My most favourite tip to tell brides during preparations on the wedding day is to 'save your energy.' You’ll need to last the day and be ready to have the time of your life. If you are stressing out it will affect your styling on the day and make you lose sleep. And brides who are stressing out too much often appear more stressed in their initial wedding photos.” Ashley Wilson of Butterfly Hair and Makeup.

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