Our Packages

Let's start here and get to know each other!  I'd like to hear about all your visions for your wedding.  Let's chat about where you need to start and how to prepare all the details.  Let me offer some insight on how we can work together to achieve the look and feel you want for you special day.  So... Let's have some fun and start to bring your wedding dreams to life!  

Day-Of Services

Our "Day-Of" Package is just that!  We offer a five hour package with one coordinator for those couples who have everything completely done but just need assistance on their wedding day for timing and comfort.  We'll provide basic set up of ceremony items, guest placement cards and favors.  For weddings over 125 guests, we'll be happy to customize a package just for you!  Our above Consultation is included.

Mini Planner

Let us help you tie up all those loose ends!  This package will assist you as far out as three months from your wedding day.  We'll work with you to help you wrap up all the final details and also help you locate all those final vendors to complete that perfect day!  We'll help you put together your wedding itinerary for both your rehearsal and wedding day.  Once approved by you, we'll take care of contacting your vendors with all your final wishes.  We'll arrive a minimum of two hours prior to your ceremony to take care of all your vendor timing, ceremony set up, guest placement cards, reception items and favors.  At the end of your magical evening, we also will box up your gifts, reception items, ceremony items etc., and safely give them to the designated person of your choice.  Our above Consultation is included. 

Complete Planner

This package is for the couple who wants someone by their side every step of the way! With this package we'll assist you with locating that special venue; whether it's an extravagant  resort or an intimate dream destination. We'll prepare your personal design concept to bring all your visions to life.  We'll work with you to prepare a budget that's reasonable to achieve all the details you expect.  We offer an exciting list of top rated vendors to bring your wedding day to perfection, and will happily schedule all your vendor meetings.  We'll review all your contracts for accuracy, terms and conditions .  We offer guest accommodation and transportation  services should your guests require assistance making their reservations.  We will manage and receive all your guest RSVP's and keep you updated frequently.  We will prepare your rehearsal and wedding day itinerary and room design. Our final design meeting will be scheduled at your convenience (approximately one month prior to your wedding) and once approved, we will distribute it to all your vendors.  On the day of your wedding, we will be on site a minimum or two hours prior to your ceremony to set up all the items needed to create your unique vision.  At the end of the evening, we will box up all your gifts, ceremony items and reception items and safely give them to the designated person of your choice.  We will  distribute any final payments or gratuities you may have as well and much more.  We will happily customize this package to meet your needs.  So let's start this party with our consultation above and find out how we can bring your vision and dreams to reality!  

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