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From Dream ~ To Perfection!

Let's take a few minutes to get to know each other!  We specialize in giving our couples a one-of-a-kind event...because not every wedding is the same.  So, let's have some fun and start working together to bring your special day to life!

We never charge a fee to chat!

Concierge Planner

This is the perfect package for that high-achieving couple who is always running in high gear.  You're extremely busy with your family, career and other commitments and don't have time to fit one more thing on your plate.  However, you got engaged and now need to plan the perfect wedding. With over 30 years experience in the Event Industry we've formed partnerships with many trusted vendors to help us create the day you've always wanted. Let our experienced team of professionals design your perfect day ~ so all you have to do is say "I DO"!

    Our Concierge package is extremely affordable and starts at only $3995.  Let's chat about the details.

Just Celebrate

You know what you want and how you want it, but life keeps you too busy to handle all the details!  We believe the important things in your life should be your top priority, like working on your love story. We'll take your vision and work along side you from beginning to end and deliver you your perfect expectation for your wedding day.  All you have to do is CELEBRATE!


 Let us give you the details!

Your Day ~ Your Way

You're the couple who wants to do it all to create your "happily Ever-After".  But, imagine trying to juggle all of your family, guests, and décor' ideas on your special day.  Having someone you can count on; someone who understands your vision and can bring it to life, while you enjoy the pampering and excitement of your "I Do's"!

So, why stress on the biggest day of your life?  We're here to help give you the peace of mind you've worked so hard for, so relax, we've got your back and enjoy...YOUR DAY ~YOUR WAY!

 Let us give you the details!

Just Keep Us On Time

You and your family and friends have done all the planning, shopping and decorating.  But your family and friends also want to enjoy being a guest and celebrate with you without having to work your entire day.  What you need is someone to keep you on time for your ceremony, cocktail and reception.  We'll be there to KEEP YOU ON TIME!

  Let us give you the details!

Schedule & Design Only

You've done it all!  But how do you prepare a professional schedule time-line and room design to forward to all your vendors.  They're all asking questions you're not sure of, much less have the time to prepare and make multiple changes to your schedule & room design.  We'll take care of your time-line & room diagram for you.  We'll just need a little information and we'll take care of preparing it and forwarding it to all your vendors for you.

Let us give you the details!

Bridal Styling*


 This option is for the bride who wants the dress of her “DREAMS” but just can’t find it.  I will personally assist you, and during our two-2-hour appointment. Using my proven technique, together we will “build” your dream dress right in front of your eyes so you can say "YES" to YOUR dress!

100% Success Rate.

Let us help you find the dress of your dreams 

**Terms & Conditions Apply. 

Specialty Options

These are special '"Add-0n's" and may be added to any other package.  Our "Special Options" available are:                                  

                                           Invitation Assembly                                        

                                               Favor Assembly                                                

                                Guest Logistics and transportation                   

                                                 RSVP Tracking                                                  

                                        Honeymoon Suite Décor'                                      

                                      Rehearsal Dinner Preparation                            

                                                  Tuxedo Service                                                 

                                                  Photo Booth                                                     


                                           Officiate Ceremony                                           

                Honeymoon Suite Décor’              

                    Tuxedo Return                       

          Rhinestone Aisle Candle holders           

                                                  Napkin Rings                                                    

                                                 Charger Plates                                                  

                                                  Cake Stands                                                     

                                                        Chairs                                                                 Linens       

Let us know what you'd like and we'll get you a quote for the items you want to "add-on".

Let us give you the details!

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